Education after COVID-19 may never be the same – but what comes next? We have some ideas to make the next education system Better than NORMAL.
  • Education policies must be student-centered

  • Parents should be in the driver’s seat

  • States should fund students, not systems

  • One size does not fit all


Tia Prewitt Cannon I have enjoyed family time. Tia Prewitt Cannon Tia Prewitt Cannon I have felt encouraged that there will be a light at the end of the road. Tia Prewitt Cannon Byron Sommardahl Because of the pandemic, we’ve got our eyes open. Byron Sommardahl Deborah Vahle Parents will be able to change how their kids are schooling. Deborah Vahle Deborah Vahle How can we make schools different? Deborah Vahle Valerie Wright If our kids are going to be competitive, we’re going to have to adjust to this new norm. Valerie Wright Deborah Vahle Maybe what was normal, wasn’t actually good. We want things to eventually be better than normal. Deborah Vahle Annie Walch Patton I want my kids to go back to school – I don’t want things to go back to normal. Annie Walch Patton Tia Prewitt Cannon We have a chance to take a look at the systems to see where they are falling short. We can do it. Tia Prewitt Cannon Nicole Corey How do we expect children who have shorter attention spans to engage with virtual learning? Nicole Corey